house rules

Equipment and Magical Items

Upkeep is used while in town. If going out of town for an extended period of time, you will need to purchase provisions.

New Magic Items
Brass Knuckles
Exotic, Light Melee
1d2/1d3, x2 Piercing, 1 lb
  • Monk weapon.
  • Monks have proficiency.
  • Can only deal lethal damage.
  • Cannot be disarmed.
  • Takes a move action to put on; a pair can be put on in a single move action.

    Magic Item Identification
  • Spellcraft check to determine school (as described in PHB)
  • Spellcraft check DC 15 + caster level of item to identify item
  • Spellcraft check DC 15 to learn command word and/or activation method
  • The above is a serial process. Failure of one step means the rest of the process cannot be completed. There is no retry allowed.
  • After keeping item in close proximity for 24 hours, blessed with identification of the item, including command word.

Encumberance does matter, keep track of it.


The Dodge feat provides a constant +1 dodge bonus to AC.

Non-Lethal Spell
You know how to manipulate the energies of your spells, allowing them to deal non-lethal rather than lethal damage. When casting a spell, you may make a Spellcraft check of DC 15 + (2 x Spell Level). If successful, the spell instead deals non-lethal damage rather than lethal damage. If unsuccessful, the spell deals lethal damage as normal. A spell that does not normally deal lethal damage cannot be manipulated in this way. A spell that is made to deal non-lethal damage is still subject to any creature immunities to non-lethal damage, including immunities to crits made by non-lethal spells.

Non-Lethal Spell Focus
Pre-Requisite: Non-Lethal Spell
You gain a +4 to Spellcraft when trying to twist a spell to deal non-lethal damage rather than lethal.

Non-Lethal Spell Soecialization
Pre-Requisite: Non-Lethal Spell, Non-Lethal Spell Focus
You know when a spell that you are trying to twist to deal non-lethal damage has gone awry. As an immediate action upon determining the result of the Spellcraft check to twist the spell to non-lethal damage, you may choose to drop the spell. The spell is considered a ‘fizzle’, as if you had failed a concentration check to cast the spell. The effects of this ‘failed concentration check’ does not have any affect on other aspects of gameplay.

Non-Lethal Weapon Specialization
Pre-Requisite: Weapon Focus
Chose a weapon with which you have the Weapon Focus feat. When using a weapon of that type which normally deals lethal damage to deal non-lethal damage, you no longer suffer the -4 penalty.

Rules Items

Cover Melee Draw lines from all four of your corners to all four of the target’s corners. If any one of these lines passes through a wall or other barrier, the target has cover.

Ranged Draw lines from the corner of your choice to all four of the target’s corners. If any one of these lines passes through a wall or other barrier, the target has cover.

Counting Movement All squares of movement are 5ft, including diagonals. There is no longer a 5-10-5-10 count for moving diagonally.

Gaining Experience XP is always divided among 6 players. All players gain XP even when absent. If you don’t show up, you do not get credit for actions that would provide bonuses for Affiliations and other in-character opportunities. You also may not get a share of that night’s loot, depending on how nice your party members are.

On Death and Dying

Loot of the Fallen The belongings of those who have fallen are to be returned to their next-of-kin if at all possible. If next-of-kin cannot be reached, the items are to be tithed to a church for those of faith or buried/burned with their corpse for the secular.

Replacing Fallen Characters Every effort should be made to raise, resurrect, or reincarnate fallen characters; just tossing their lives by the wayside is not a very noble thing. Any in-character reason for not wishing these to happen, such as followers of Wee Jas’ faith in death, or any situation where raising, resurrecting, or reincarnating is not possible, a new character may be brought in.

New Characters New characters are created per the standard character creation rules and house rules.

Rules no longer in effect

Bleeding Out For now, there is a ‘bleed out’ rule in effect. An individual who is brought below -9 HP from some form of direct damage will bleed out on their next turn and die. Those who were made negative but were still at -9 or higher will bleed as normal, dying if they fail to stabilize and reach -10 hp.

This rule will no longer be in effect after we have finished “Bullywug Gambit”.

house rules

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