Savage Portland

Narn en' Tanans


Mani marte? Sii’, n’at mellonea mainke harma en’ lye, nan’ amin nae lemba ten’ ilnae en’ tug ten’ lema ale’ i’me’a en’ rond lante no’ lye.

Ale’ re en’ esta ar’ poika tuulo’ ‘kshapsae en Aesmarele (aa’ menealle nauva calen ar’ malta) amin deanamnae entulien uin yassen mellonea n’alaquel a’ i’ilm. Er edan en’ Calen-Tincmaegrim nae ba, nan’ koltaur en’ Turij nae sane ten’ kolein i’n’at nelde edan a’ i’yaana ten’ fallanien.

N’alaquel ie’ i’ilm, lye mae ten’ ner harma nan’ utue feuyian gorlianterim. Sii’ amin sinta gorga en’ Gurren, lalai. I’simbe aru simbe en’ i’gorlianterim kware parma en’ tengwa quenta yassen nir’ essaio en’ Calen-Tincmaegrim.

Eller vithel nae ure sambe quanta en’ lingian rothlanne’ ar’ n’taurn poldora talan amin lante imya. Lova handasse. E’ n’alaquel en’ i’sambe nae olin marde corian a’ sambe kwarian mahalma en’ malda, nan’ aiya, i’mahalma nae ilanwa. Lekmee nyarian en’ i’lirva en’ i’ilm nae eller vithel.

Lye tampe n’alaquel ie’ i’yaana ten’ utuneian i’edanea ten’ sinta en’ essaio e’ i’parma, nan’ ron dine. Lye kele menlyea ten’ mae sintar e’ i’tal. Amin aute pelennor en’ cirya nan’ ilutue ai’er en’ sinta, san’ aute kaim fallan ten’ lanta imya i’talan en’ amin.

Vanya sulie.

Tanans Adihanr


What happened? Well, the others sold our loot, but I stayed behind because I was not in any condition for adventuring after the chandelier fell on us.

With a day’s rest and Aesmarele’s spells (May your ways be green and golden) I was able to accompany my friends back to the mansion. One of the Green Daggers was dead, but we borrowed Turij’s cart to carry the other three to the temple for healing.

Back at the mansion, we searched for more treasure but ran into a lot of nasty spiders. I know what Gurren does not like now, haha. The room next to the spiders had a ledger containing many names of the Green Dagger Gang.

There was also a big room full of hanging sheets and a weak floor which I fell through. Stupid. In the back of the room was a secret corridor leading to a room with a grand golden throne, but alas, the throne was fake. There was also a letter telling of the sickness of the house.

We stopped back by the temple to question the men about the names in the book, but they were silent. We then split up to investigate other areas of the city. I went to the docks but did not find any information, then went to get sleep and heal from my fall through the floor.

Fair winds.

Tanans Adihanr



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