Sea Wyvern Travel Log

Day 1

  • Avner causes a ruckus and the Sea Wyvern departs from Sasserine 3 hours late.
  • Start of Voyage dinner on the Blue Nixie.
  • Harmonia attacked by flying fish.

Day 5

  • Fort noticed on horizon

Day 7

  • Fort passed

Day 9

  • Mazrim contracts arsenic poisoning
  • All food during meals from this point on is Purified before consumption

Day 13

  • Arrive at Fort Blackwell

Day 17

  • A ballast falls from the rigging and strikes Dinear.

Day 22

  • Attacked by a flotsam ooze, Dinear dies

Day 23

  • Dinear reincarnated as a half-orc.

Day 29

  • Father Feres falls ill, Mathias uses remove disease and the illness passes

Day 37

  • Arrival in Tamoachan

Sea Wyvern Travel Log

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