DM: “This appears to be an Iron Cobra.”
Cadell: “That’s what she said!”

Brothel Mistress: “We have some more burly types, if that’s what you’re interested in.”
Cerat: “Actually, we’re looking for a man…”

“Shadow…something. Shadowbeach!”

Tolin: “I kinda wanna handle the animals again.”

Magistrate: “Why did you jump down the well?”
Harmonia: “I’m a barbarian.”
M: “Yes…well, why did you jump down the well?”
H: “Well, it was there.”

DM: “He gives each of them a nurt cod.”

Harmonia: “Have I mentioned that I like your inert cods? They look lovely.”

DM: “The goop is a Salve of Slipperiness….for your inert cod.”

DM: “And you remember the location of his fishing hole.”
Mathias: “Is there an inert cod in it?

DM: “God, I have to do Maath…and Hunner’s not here to enjoy it.”

Harmonia: “Am I done stripping yet?”

Harmonia: “He’s slipping Lady Vanderboren his inert cod.”


Savage Portland tingar