Guildmistress of the Lotus Dragons


The story of Rowyn (as gleaned from her diary)

The only daughter of a noble family, Rowyn spent her childhood lonely. Her father was rarely home and her mother was too busy being a social butterfly to pay her any mind. Her only companionship was that of her tutor, but he was a balding old fart who was not at all interesting to a young girl. What he could teach, however, kept her focused for the many years of solitude: the art of combat.

She was not very good at the combat itself, losing every duel with her tutor. However, as the years passed, she became increasingly aware of her innate abilities to catch others off-guard, turning the tide of combat in her favor.

At the age of 16, Rowyn’s mother finally took notice of her and taught her the secrets of her heritage. She learned to seduce, convince others to do things they normally would not, figure out just what someone is thinking before they can act on it, and how to get away when things go awry.

Feeling she had learned all she could from her tutor, she sought to attend one of the training academies in the champion’s District. Her parents, however, forbade her—combat was very unbecoming of a noble lady. Furious, she used her skills to concoct a disguise, that of a young half-elf maiden, and enrolled under the name of Maya. She enjoyed the attention as one of the few female students in the class and attracted many suitors, each of which was turned away as she had only time to focus on training.

A few years later, she registered for one of the tournaments held in the Champions district. The tournament started out well in her favor, and she quickly made her way up the ranks. However, as time wore on, her skills began to fail her and she found herself overwhelmed in the end. While many around her were impressed with the newcomer’s skills, she was furious with herself for having failed. Begrudgingly accepting her prize, she fled the grounds.

She was on her way home late that evening when she noticed three individuals tailing her. She tried to lose them among the buildings, and after turning a corner she found herself in a dead-end alleyway. She turned to leave and realized that the three figures were now directly behind her. Three men stood before her, quite burley and one wearing a sash that showed him as a tournament participant. All three smelled heavily of alcohol and glared at her hungrily.

Rowyn tried her hardest to use her skill to escape, but in her paniced and weakened state, she found herself remaining in the same spot. She tried to dodge the incoming blow, but instead was knocked to the ground.

There’s no telling how long she had been unconcious, but a sudden shout and burst of light brought her back to her senses. Something had distracted her attackers, a blurry figure who was trying to take all of them on. The figure cried out to her, “RUN!”, and she obeyed, stumbling through the streets in a haze until she reached her home. She always felt that her parents did not believe her story about a bar brawl, but it did not matter. Even the kindness of the stranger could not quell her anger at her weakness.

Noticing her state of mind, her mother introduced her to a woman of unnatural beauty. Unable to resist her allure, Rowyn became her lover and the woman taught Rowyn how to enhance her powers of seduction and suggestion and also taught her the art of using poisons. When the woman left, rather than feel hurt, Rowyn realized that the only value that the illusion of love had was that those who were blinded by it were more willing to do whatever their lover desired.

Rowyn placed all of her resources into the creation of the Lotus Dragon guild, a group of thieves who focused in smuggling and trading information. Over time, membership in the guild grew and she prepared the guild for control of not only Sasserine’s underworld, but also the takeover of the entire city’s shipping industry.

In her time as guildmistress, she had taken many lovers, each of which thought they were the only one. Most found themselves at the end of a rope or the bottom of a lake when she no long had need of their skills. Her current lover is Vanthus Vanderboren, who so willingly burned his own parents alive on their ship in order to take the family fortune and provide to Rowyn.


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