Aesmarele Innersol


Aesmarele’s mother, whom she is named for, died giving birth to her and her father is one of the higher-ranking clergy within the Church of Pelor in the Azure District. As a child, she was ever at odds with her father’s faith. Pelor had not saved her mother and she believed that to be unforgivable. With her lack of faith, the elders of the church encouraged her father to send her to one of the schools in the Noble District. Her father was constantly out of town on crusades for the church and Aesmarele cause no lack of trouble as a ward of the church while her father was gone. After one particular event that she found amusing but did not fare so well in the eyes of the clergy, her father instead sent her to board with a family in the Noble District.

The Kellani family, a very well-to-do noble family with ties in the shipping industry, were less than hospitable towards her. Her only guess is that the favor obtained with the church is what caused them to let her board because if you were to ask them and get an honest answer, they’d most likely admit detesting her presence. The daughter of the Kellani family, Rowyn, would utilize every available opportunity to get Aesmarele into trouble, passing the blame and tormenting her with endless teasing and snide remarks about her outfits.

Aesmarele soon learned that “out of sight, out of mind” tended to apply to her presence quite well and spent most of her time either out of the house or hiding in her small sleeping quarters. She applied herself thoroughly to her studies and excelled in her classwork, much to Rowyn’s chagrin. When school was on break, Aesmarele would spend as much time as possible with her only friend, a half-elf named Silian.

When Aesmarele could get away from the Kellani family, she and Silian were inseparable. Add to this that Silian was neither from a noble family nor from a merchant house and the fact that he was a “half-breed”, Rowyn had all of the fuel she needed for endless amounts of teasing.

Looking back now, Aesmarele knew that she loved Silian. So many things that could have been done differently that night, maybe Silian would still be alive. Though the initial blame was placed on her, a Zone of Truth spell cleared her of the crime, but those who truly committed it will probably never be sentenced—one of the perks of being a noble, especially one with such true colours.

The new emptiness from the loss of her dearest friend would have consumed her if it were not for the contents of a letter that Silian had written but never given to her until his parents found it a few months later.

Aesmarele Innersol

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