Savage Portland

Fare the well, my faithful friends.

In which Aesmarele says her goodbyes.

It has been an interesting time among you all, but I have been called by the Shining Light to another path, one that requires me to stay on here at the temple. Part of my new duties will provide me an opportunity to research the dream that we shared. I pray to the Shining One that you all shall be safe in your actions, whatever they may be. Please stop by the temple whenever you have need of its services or if you just want to chat.

There is a young acolyte here with whom I’ve shared our current journeys. Once thought a savage, he was called by the Shining Light to leave his land and come to ours. However, his heart is too free to be confined to the temple. He is on an errand at the moment, but I will send him to you on his return.

May the Shining Light of Pelor brighten your darkest times,

~Aesmarele Innersol



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